​Home Renovation: from Old World to New...

My Journey Across the Pond to the Desert

The Carrbridge arts community has inspired many people in many ways. For me, it led me to finding a career in renovating old things (mostly homes, but other things as well). At first it was just in my home town area of Carrbridge, but... life has a funny way of dealing out things you would never expect.

I now find myself calling Phoenix, Arizona home (or more specifically, Scottsdale). I still find that fixing and renovating are my passion, but I have a whole new realm of styles and inspirations to work with, including a wife!

My goal with this website (which began in what seems like a different lifetime, a long, long time ago in a land far, far away), is to share some of my knowledge and ideas with others, whether they be in the UK, AZ, elsewhere in the USA or any other place on the globe for that matter! That's the beautiful thing about this modern world we live in today - the boundaries are far less restrictive and we can truly participate in a 'global village' atmosphere of collaboration, creativity and caring.

Obviously at the moment this site is in an "under construction" stage - which I suppose is somewhat ironic for a site that will be focusing on home construction, remodeling, repairs and interior design ideas, among others. It will always remain open to new ideas, to contributions by others who have unique angles on fixing things up and making what others would consider "old and done" into something new, interesting and useful again.

So don't be too concerned with this current (mostly) blank site you're seeing now. Stay tuned and you'll soon find posts on everything from home landscaping ideas, kitchen remodeling, home repair tips and tricks, and maybe even a few ideas for creating some great food in the remodeled kitchen, too!

Check back often, and I'll look forward to 'seeing you' here again soon!

All the best,
Leon Bright

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Don't Forget...

I plan to be adding a lot of content here, and content that can actually help you with all your various home improvement projects, from simple repairs to complete remodels.  Landscaping to interior decorating (with a bit of input from my wife, of course!)

We definitely hope to touch on all kinds of things, but if there's something in particular you'd like to ask me, or would like me to cover in a future article, please feel free to reach out to me and let me know. I'm always open to input and ideas.